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Chicago’s Canasta Share New Single, “Mexico City”

29 Jul

Chicago darlings Canasta recently debuted the music video for “Mexico City,” their latest single from The Fakeout, the Tease and the Breather.  Conceived and directed by the brilliant Eduardo Cintron, “Mexico City” combines sharp, modern camera work with good old fashioned lyrical storytelling. Check it out below and if you find yourself falling in love, download the song for free HERE.

Don’t miss Canasta at The Hideout on Sunday, August 7t w/ Jonny Rodgers + Conductive Alliance 
8 PM / $8 / 21+ / Tickets 


5 Albums Out This Week

26 Jul

Having our own history working in big box record stores, we know that Tuesday’s tend to be big release days in the entertainment world. In light of it being a Tuesday,(and honestly, what else do Tuesday’s really offer?) we bring you this installment of our ‘List of 5′ series:

5 New Albums Out This Week

Click any of the album covers to check out more information.

Adult Swim Singles Program Unveils Another Free Download, The Rapture “How Deep is Your Love? (Emperor Machine Remix Edit)”

21 Jul

Fans can grab their free downloads of these exclusive tracks — plus watch corresponding videos from some of the featured artists — by visiting www.adultswim.com/singles

The revised full track listing for the entire program is as follows:

  • Week 1 (June 6) – Ford & Lopatin: “Too Much MIDI”
  • Week 2 (June 14) – Best Coast: “Gone Again”
  • Week 3 (June 21) – How to Dress Well: “Us in the Sense of Forever
  • Week 4 (June 28) – Mastodon: “Deathbound”
  • Week 5 (July 5) – Active Child: “Hanging On”
  • Week 6 (July 12) – The Tallest Man on Earth: “Weather of a Killing Kind”
  • Week 7 (July 19) – The Rapture: “How Deep is Your Love? (Emperor Machine Remix Edit)”
  • Week 8 (July 26) – Clams Casino
  • Week 9 (August 2) – JJ feat. Ne-Yo
  • Week 10 (August 9) – El-P
  • Week 11 (August 16) – Cerebral Ballzy

Akasha Drops Tribute Mixtape This Friday at The Hideout

21 Jul

Chicago reggae crew Akasha are dropping a mixtape tribute to Gregory Isaacs entitled “The Cool Ruler Overture” with a very special show at The Hideout tomorrow, July 22nd. Joining them for the evening will be JT & the Clouds and DJ RC. Show starts at 10pm, is 21+ and will cost you $10

Preview the mixtape on Akasha’s website

Listeners may rediscover Priory’s debut LP for the first time

19 Jul

There is something instantly familiar about the songs of Portland indie/folk quartet Priory, despite the fact that the band’s recently released self-titled album is the group’s debut full-length. It’s not that their sound in any way plagiarizes other great records past, although parallels could perhaps be made to contemporary indie darlings like Local Natives and Arcade Fire; rather the members construct their parts in a way that is comforting, as if this were the type of music the listener wanted to hear without even knowing it beforehand. This feeling of rediscovery, of dusting off a favorite record with the wisdom of experience and distance from the first listening, is one that permeates the twelve tracks that make up Priory.

 The instrumentation on this record is, in great part, what makes the band’s songs so classic in their appeal. Going beyond the standard pop-rock fare of guitar, bass drums, and vocals to incorporate glockenspiel, keys, and even some programming, Priory still manages to give each instrument sufficient space in which to perform. While modern bands that label themselves as “experimental” often believe the quickest way to make their music stand out is by layering as many sounds on top of one another simultaneously, Priory takes a more effective approach by allowing each individual piece room to breathe; in this sense, their music is much more orchestral in its arrangement.

The song “Kings of Troy” opens with Kyle Dieker’s delicately-picked acoustic guitar underneath the dual vocal melody of Dieker and lead vocalist Brandon Johnson which is both earnest and youthful in its delivery; additional instrumentation, including bass, electric guitar, and bells, is only brought in when the song calls for it and steps aside when it is no longer needed. The digital Postal Service-esque opening rhythms of “Lady of Late” pulse with computer precision throughout the front half of the song before morphing into a more natural, live-sounding performance of glockenspiel, crunchy bass, and drums that lag behind ever so slightly, although not because of a sloppy performance; taken in context, it is clear the band is really just playing with their sonic palette.

Through Priory’s game of musical chairs, Johnson’s vocals on “Searching” bring the listener to one of the record’s emotional peaks. His melody doubling the lone guitar line beneath it, Johnson is most vulnerable as he reflects, “I’ve been searching for my mother / I cannot explain why she’s so cold / I’ve been searching for my father / I cannot explain why he grows old.” Composed while bordering on frailty, the vocal performance on this song highlights the qualities one wishes to see in good art: honesty and humanity. As Johnson sings and we listen, the emotional experience is genuine.

The band closes the album with “smaerD yhtroW,” a nod to album opener “Worthy Dreams.” Where the latter is ethereal and delicate, the former drones with the effect of white noise, in part because the melody and lyrics of “Worthy Dreams” are now playing in reverse and as such are present yet somehow slipping away. With the cinematic nature to Priory’s music, the listener may even imagine the end credits rolling on the album’s mini-narrative, a sense of completion being brought to the listening experience. Like so many records that call to mind one of the four seasons, Priory is without a doubt a summertime record but not in the sunny, coconut-oil-smelling, day-at-the-beach sense; appropriately enough, this is a summer evening album, perfect for opening up the back door to one’s porch, pouring a drink, and dragging your lawn chair outside to gaze up into the expanse of darkness, filled with nothing but so much space.


by: Chris Pagnani


Free Singles from our Friends at Tell All Your Friends PR

15 Jul
The Echo-Friendly’s “Same Mistakes” out now on Cantora Records
Echo Lake’s “Another Day” from “Another Day” / “Breathe Deep” 7″ out July 18th on No Pain In Pop
Prom out July 12th on Kanine Records

Free Singles from Our Friends at Tell All Your Friends PR

13 Jul
Luke Temple’s “Ophelia” from Don’t Act Like You Don’t Care out August 30th on Western Vinyl
Luther Russell’s “Ain’t Frightening Me” from The Invisible Audience out July 12th on Ungawa
Papercranes 7″ “Long Way” b/w “Pale Blue Eyes” out now on Manimal Records