Talking Shop with John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees

14 Sep

In case you didn’t know, Bay Area band Thee Oh Sees are back again with a brand spankin’ new full-length album. Warm Slime made its debut in May, and is chock full of the psychedelic garage rock the band made an impression with in their last release through In The Red Records, Help. With a penchant for tracks that really push the clock, Warm Slime opens up with a jangling, buzzing title track of nearly fourteen minutes, followed by six other spazzy and frantic revisits to the noise rock John Dwyer is known for. In the months following the release of Warm Slime, Dwyer and company have been working on a new record and preparing to head out for a string of tour dates across the U.S.

Chicagoans can catch the band as they make their way though the Midwest, stopping over at the lovely Lincoln Hall tomorrow, September 15th, sharing the stage with The Hot Machines and Paul Carey. Show starts at 9pm, is 21+ and $14 at the door- buy your tickets in advance and save $2.

This past month Dwyer answered a few quick questions for Reviewsic.  Learn a little about the man behind the music and maybe have some material to strike up a conversation after the set tomorrow.

Reviewsic: What is the back-story on how Thee Oh Sees came to be what it is today?

John Dwyer: I’ve been playing with these same 3 people for a few years now and we work petty well together. Uh, the band has been growing since we met pretty naturally.

Reviewsic: What are your top three musical influences?

John Dwyer: The Icky Boyfriends , The Supremes, CAN

Reviewsic: Is there any instrument you don’t play, but wish you did?

John Dwyer: Wish I were better at trumpet.

Reviewsic: What are the last three albums or bands you listened to?

John Dwyer: Sam Cooke Live, Matthew Melton (Bare Wires)-Still Misunderstood, Eric Satie

Reviewsic: If you could work with one person in the music industry (musician, label, producer etc), who would it be and why?

John Dwyer: Would love to record with Mayo Thompson. Because he’s awesome

Reviewsic: What is the most memorable concert you’ve ever attended?

John Dwyer: Toss up between Ornette Colman and Singer

Reviewsic: Who are three of your favorite local bands?

John Dwyer: Bare Wires, Sic Alps ,The Fresh & Onlys

Reviewsic: If you could book a tour with any 3 bands, past or present, who would they be and why?

John Dwyer: The Fall -so I could have been in Marc é Smith’s revenge auto biography

John Fahey-so I could see him play every night

Parson sound-to take mushrooms with

Reviewsic: Tell us about Warm Slime- is there a particular concept behind it? What do you hope listeners take away from it?

John Dwyer: When I was young, I always loved long ass songs. I want people to have the same experience I had tripping out to “you do right”

Reviewsic: How would you compare yourselves as musicians at this point as opposed to when you first began playing together?

John Dwyer: We are more comfortable together. We improvise better and we are getting more physically attractive with each passing day.

Reviewsic: What are some of your favorite cities and/or venues to play? Any places in particular you’re excited to get to on this tour?

John Dwyer: The eagle in SFL . Loved New York, Chicago. Minneapolis cuz we get to see our buddy MSG. I like em all.

Reviewsic: What are the best and worst band moments so far in your career?

John Dwyer: Answer to both: seeing Michael Shoun with his shirt off.

Reviewsic: What are your plans for music in the next year?

John Dwyer: travel travel travel

Love love love

And eat a snack


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