Paul Sipio Dectet- Learning to Let Go

28 Mar

Have you ever found a great band just to have a member of your well-respected elders tell you it was garbage? Been reminded that your music ‘just isn’t how it used to be’? Enter Paul Sipio and one of his many projects, Paul Sipio Dectet: bridging the musical gap between generations.  

An incredibly impressive blend of modern sounding pop/indie vocals and jazz instrumentals, Paul Sipio Dectet offers easy listening that is anything but easy to ignore. Lyrics that are relatable to any age, the only requirement seeming to be having loved, are intertwined with a rare compilation of jazz inspired sound.
The album, Learning to Let Go, tells the ever occurring give and take love story of two people who just can’t seem to get their timing right.  All musical composition aside, the writing in this project in itself is something to take note of. Our story beings with love’s (lust’s?) first rush in Simply You [It’s not the thought of loving you still/ It’s not about how you walk the walk/ It’s not the fact that I love our talks.], followed by the first onset of hesitation between them in Ever After[But lately, you’ve been so hasty to make change between you and me/ feels like you’re sometime gonna have to decide whether you want me, you need me, or we’re not just what you want to be.] to be trailed by tracks of uncertainty, heartache, and waiting, ending in what isn’t quite conclusion as it is a resolution to hold out just a little longer in Similar Frames. [Show me your love/give all your love tonight/All I need is for you to take me away and you know you can with every word you say.]
While over all the lyrics to Learning to Let Go are simple, it’s obvious its written that way to get the point across without flowery, powdery or unnecessary language; nothing about this album can be called ill-planned or trite. One song in particular that shows the power of simple language is My Own Consent in which there’s obvious poetry in its internal rhyme rather than making use of the overbearing detail of adjectives and metaphor.
Dual vocals are delivered by Paul Sipio and Anna Tate, the former of which has a sound similar to that of Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. artist, Sam Duckworth. [] Tate’s voice is clean, clear, and strong, and together the two accent one another beautifully.
An array of instruments including trumpet, flute, cello, piano, bass, saxophone, and of course your staple guitar and drums are the ingredients of Paul Sipio Dectet, which, as mentioned many times previously, have a wonderful jazz influence that honestly, we just can’t get over. It’s extremely impressive to come across a piece of local talent doing something like this with their music. There are far too many carbon copy bands in every genre, and creative combinations like the one Paul Sipio Dectet has created are entirely refreshing.
Singer Paul Sipio has an impressive record of projects he’s been part of in some manner, be it producing or contributing [but typically both]. An obvious talent, we suggest any music lover who’s tired of the ho-hum monotony of basic indie to give Paul Sipio Dectet and his various other projects a listen.

Listen to Paul Sipio Dectet on myspace



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